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Wikipedia - History of the Electric Vehicle

The History of Electric Vehicles Began in 1830

History's Innovative Autos


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History of Electric Powered Vehicles

The first steam powered automobile was built in 1769 by French Army engineer, Nicolas Cugnot. The first gasoline powered car was produced in 1806.

The history of electric powered vehicles arguably began in 1821 with the invention of the first electric motor by Michael Faraday. By the late 1890's the first commercially available electric powered cars began to emerge and soon outsold gasoline powered cars by a ratio of 10 to 1!


Approximately 54 U.S. manufacturers produced 35,000 electric vehicles from 1896 to 1915.


Early Electric Car (manufacturers list)

Time Line (evolution of the electric car)


Among the most notable were BakerRiker and Columbia. (Photos on right)

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