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The new 2018/19 rule book is out. Please look over page 6 on roll bar as their is major changes. Also look over page 11 on Seat belts. These rules will be in effect for the 2018 Spring Races.

(2020 Rule Book download)

All Teams must register with the Electrathon America, ( prior to the Spring Racing Series in order to participate. A valid registration card and/or a copy of the registration to “Electrathon America”, must be presented in the State Report and at each event. (Electrathon America - Membership Form)

Please attain Liability Release Forms from Electrathon America when registering. Please DO NOT bind liability forms in the Report as these need to be filed separately.

Written reports should be uploaded to the Kansas ElectroRally Drive.  Email for access.

Race Classifications

Race Day Inspection Checklist

Battery Rules

Driver Rules

Lap Counter Instructions

Team Report Requirements

Kansas ElectroRally Bylaws

Articles of Incorporation

Regulations: About
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